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CHROMA at a glance:

What is CHROMA?

CHROMA is a tool for generating annotated multiple sequence alignments in a convenient format for publication

What does CHROMA do?

CHROMA takes your aligned multiple sequence data, annotates residues according to a consensus and displays the alignment using different font formats (text and background colours, bold and italic).

The formatted annotation can be sent directly into Microsoft Word, or saved to a file or Windows Clipboard in both HTML and "Rich Text" Formats.

The output from CHROMA can be edited and ultimately printed out with high fidelity in other programmes such as Microsoft Word

See a sample of what CHROMA produces here

What does CHROMA require?

  • Intel Pentium processor
  • 1.6MB hard disk space

Operating System

  • Windows 95/98/Me
  • Windows NT: service pack 6 recommended.
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
    See System Requirements for more details


How should CHROMA be cited? 

CHROMA: consensus-based colouring of multiple alignments for publication. Bioinformatics. 2001 Sep;17(9):845-6.
CHROMA is provided FREE of charge.  As a matter of academic courtesy, it would only
be fair to cite if you are using CHROMA in your research!



Can CHROMA be used on other platforms, e.g. UNIX/Linux/Solaris? 

A console / command-line operated [i.e. no GUI] version of CHROMA is being used as a CGI-filter to produce HTML output automatically. The source code (requires GCC 3.0 or greater or any standards conformant c++ compiler) is available here.

Installation Problems: 

If the Installation Problems section in the release notes does not solve your problems, please contact us and your problems will be treated with the greatest urgencies.

Bug Reports: 

You can contact us on-line with "Bug Report" in the subject header. Please read the Trouble Shooting page first.


A full help file is included with every copy of CHROMA. You may also read the documentation on-line when it is ready.

First time users may wish to run through the short tutorial which covers and explains briefly most of the major features of CHROMA. Inside CHROMA, choose from the menu Help | Run Tutorial.

Licensing Information

See the distribution information page.