CHROMA Version 1.0 (build 1185) -- Trouble Shooting


CHROMA is in version 1. It is inevitable that, even after CHROMA is in general release, there will be some coding errors or bugs to be found. This section is written to allow you to decide whether problems you are having with CHROMA are

How to know if there is a bug

How to report bugs

  1. Try to narrow down the problem as far as possible.
    If the report to us is very specific, and preferably reproduceable, this will save us time in tracking down and pin pointing the problem and allow a quicker fix for you.

  2. Include as much of your environment in your report as possible.
    What would be helpful are:

  3. Describe clearly what the problem is.
    Please include the circumstances, e.g. if it crashes on every 10th run if MS Excel is also active.

  4. If you are sending an email to us, mark it clearly in the subject header: "Bug Report"
    and direct it to

  5. Fill in the form on the contact us page


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CHROMA Version 1.0 (build 1185) -- Trouble Shooting