CHROMA Version 1.0 (build 1185) -- Release Notes


Before installing CHROMA

The Installation package is in Microsoft Windows Installer format. If you are using Windows 95/98 or NT, make sure that required system files are present:

Installing CHROMA

If you have a previous version of CHROMA, uninstall it first (see UNINSTALLING CHROMA).

  1. Click on the installation file:
    Windows 95 / 98 installationWindows installation files (1.4 MB)(
  1. Choose "Save this file to disk".

  2. The Save As...  dialogue box will prompt you for a location to save the installation files. It would be prudent to make a note of this location.

  3. Go the directory where you saved the installation files and run "CHROMA.msi".

  4. Read the information displayed in the Setup Installation Wizard boxes and click the Next button as appropriate.

  5. In the "Choose Destination Location" dialogue box, either accept the default installation location, or click the Browse button to specify a different disk and/or directory. If you specify a directory that does not exist, the setup program will create it for you. Click the Next button after specifying a disk and directory, or to accept the default installation location.

  6. After a short period of copying files, the installation is complete.


Installation Problems

Get Common Controls UpdateWindows Common Controls Update (509 kB)

Get HTML HelpHelp files (732 kB)


Uninstalling CHROMA

From Control Panel, double click "Add/Remove Programs".

Click the "Install/Uninstall" tab.

Highlight "CHROMA".

Click the "Add/Remove" button. This removes the CHROMA program files from your computer.


Known Issues

    No known issues


Go to the CHROMA Main Page

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CHROMA Version 1.0 (build 1185) -- Release Notes