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CLAnalyse at a glance:
What is ClAnalyse?

ClAnalyse is a tool for analysing whole cell chloride current recorded using voltage ramp.

What does ClAnalyse do?

ClAnalyse essentially reads data files produced by Axon Data PClamp or Clampfit, performs the necessary analysis and places the results directly into Microsoft Excel as numerical data and the corresponding graphs.

ClAnalyse was designed to be protocol-neutral insofar as there are no hard-coded settings or assumptions made a priori about sampling rates or the voltage protocol.

Sampling regions in the recording protocol in each data file which contain the hyper-polarising and depolarising ramps can be defined interactively

ClAnalyse produces:

  • Slope conductance time course

  • Cell capacitance time courses

  • Continuous current records (like chart recordings)

  • IV curves

  • Current time courses at any voltage point in a ramp

See a sample of what ClAnalyse produces here

What does ClAnalyse require?

  • Intel Pentium processor
  • 400 kB hard disk space

Operating System

  • Windows 95/98
  • Windows NT: service pack 6 recommended.
  • Window 2000
    See System Requirements for more details

Installation Problems: 

If the Installation Problems section in the release notes does not solve your problems, please contact us and your problems will be treated with the greatest urgencies.

Bug Reports: 

You can contact us on-line or email us with "Bug Report" in the subject header. Please read the Trouble Shooting page first.


A full help file is will included in the release version of ClAnalyse.

Licensing Information

ClAnalyse is free software. Source code will be provided with the final release of ClAnalyse.