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We are all home now safe and sound and adjusting ourselves to Baby Leo's habits. The baby is used to Monica's choices from the pregnancy, and now all the lullabies are all from before the 18th century! Hooray. My child has good taste! (Or I am just starting the brain washing from an early age).


Last night was my first "baby" night: Monica had to wake up and feed him every 2 hours! Needless to say, by 9am Mummy was exhausted, so was the baby. I managed to rock him to sleep for three hours this morning and let Monica catch up on her sleep a little. I think nights are definitely going to be a trial... He is happily sleeping now, thank God, to some Bach harpsichord music so I can start thinking about lunch. Monica still has oodles of energy. I don't know where she gets it from. The midwife has been to check up on us and everything is fine.


Mummy is exhausted but recovering fast. Special blessings from Simon Gaine, OP and Richard Ounsworth OP no doubt helped baby Leo to his first night of only fitfully disrupted sleep. When did getting 6 hours of interrupted sleep seem so much like bliss?


The midwife came around to get a blood sample (just 4 drops) from the baby for a standard (in the UK) fetal Phenylketonuria and thyroid function test. "The baby won't notice this", she said, just before the baby was jabbed and screamed his head off into my ear! We did learn though that he really really loves paddling in a basin of warm water. His eyes crinkle up and his whole body relaxes and goes floppy. We shall have to save this as an emergency procedure for one of our sleepless nights, I think.




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